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    Dear watchers, I would like to ask which of these creatures are creepier or scarier?  
                         1. A cockroach.
                         2. A praying mantis.
                         3. A centipede.
                         4. A snake.
                         5. A spider.
    Please leave a comment below and tell me why those creatures make you uncomfortable.
 Those who do not like my stories, watch away as the contents below might not interests you. Those who do, please read.

 I am sorry for my disappearance in DA. Right now I'm a bit uncomfortable writing stories at the moment. As you all can see, I live in an Asian country, Chinese new year is around the corner. I don't want to spoil the spirit of it, so I won't be posting any stories recently.  

 That said however, I tried to get as much inspiration from other media as possible. I have plotted an ending for Mobby's journey, that'll be first priority as I'll try to fix grammar problems in earlier chapters after that. Meanwhile, as I search through some movies and stories in my free time. I've started a new project. I won't say what's the creature is, but here's some hint: something that flies and has lived since the dino ages.

 Thank all of you who likes my stories. I'll try to upload them in mid February. Thanks for watching.
Hello fellow watchers, sorry for not posting anything for a while. I have school exams coming up and Christmas is around the corner. Unlike Halloween, I don't want to spoil the jolly theme of Christmas by posting one of my dark stories. Thank you for your patience, Merry Christmas to you all!
  Before I write any more of my stories, I would like to ask whoever has (or rather is interested in) read my short stories and what's your opinion my work? I know it didn't fit many tastes, but to my watchers: How would you like to see me improve? Or do you want to see me write of other kinds? However, like I said before, English is not my native tongue, some writing or grammar error is bound to happen. Feel free to comment below.
    So far I've seen seen quite a few deviants that is fan fiction. I wonder if we can just write what we want or do we have to ask the owner of the subject in order to propose a deviant? I will be very pleased if any one can give a an answer. Thanks.
    I must say it is surprising for me to have some watchers, I think it's my responsibility to must warn all of my watchers that there are some disturbing art works in my favorites. If you don't like them or it disgusts you, I recommend that you unwatch me to save all that's uncomfortable to fellow watcher's eyes and move on to another. English is not my native language so it'll take me a while to respond to something. I might post a Deviation, or I might not, don't get too much hope. That being said, there is a chance something will show up, most likely to be a literature. I sincerely hope that is a useful information to fellow watchers, if you have any ideas, feel free to comment.