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   He was fighting, firing the pulse rifle in his hands, spraying the bugs with those HE rounds. He was doing a covering fire for his retreating comrades, pinning them down while their numbers hasn't become too great to deal with. Spraying all of his ammo, a xeno jumps at him from when he reloads. The xeno crashed at him when he grabs the pistol on his leg. With one hand holding the neck with all his might, he endures the slashes and stabs of the lethal alien while he points the gun right under the jaws of it. He fired his gun resulting yellowish blood exploding the top of it's head while some came through the bug's mouth burning his body that lies underneath.

   He screamed in utter agony as the dead xeno's blood keeps eating away his young skin and flesh. Fortunately one of the medics came to his aid. The medic gave him a shot of pain killers and tears off his burning armor before it burns to his limbs. He pours water from his canteen on to Tyler's burning parts hoping to stall the acid burn while he calls for another to help him drags his limping body to safety. Soon one of his battle buddy came to help and drags his weak body to the armored vehicle waiting for him.

   In his groggy eyes, he sees a xeno climbing on top of the vehicle and grabs the gunner who's firing the auto-cannon and punctures his face. To his horror, a squad of them joined after and went into the armored vehicle, resulting screams of horror and blood spraying everywhere inside it. As he tries to warn his comrades by pointing his hand behind them, the xenos in front f them charges forward. killing and ripping his last partners.

   He was laying down once more, feeling cold surrounding him as the sounds of meat being chewed was heard. He thought they might mistake him as a dead man as most of them scrambles to get a taste of the soldiers they've been trying to kill. As he was about to give into the blackness, two bony hands pulled his face and lifted him up to meet the silvery gum that shot forward...
   He was jolted awake in his weakened state.
   "Sh-sh." An soft voice comforted his ears.
   "It's only a nightmare" She continued.
   His groggy eyes darted around to see a dark unknown place.

   "Go back to sleep." The voice was nearer as it was.
   He spots her sitting next to his left leg with her torso facing him, revealing hard abs and a stretched top that covers her modest parts. Before he can see her face, the blackness swallowed him once more as he last felt cold lips touching his...
   He's trembling hard, cold sweat pours from his body. While Sherlyn did receive a blow and a cut from him, her wound was healed in no time while his wasn't. Now he starts thrashing, even murmuring in his dream. She went to his side and hold his sweaty hands and holds him down, he shakes even more before opening his tired eyes. Sherlyn told him to go back to sleep, he need to recover his wounds she gave before they can do anything about Mobby.
   Being once a scientist along with her long dead boyfriend, they studied xenos for the company before the outbreak. She was lucky enough to make an escape after an outbreak happened, her boyfriend however, not so much. She didn't cared much as the company gave her an enormous pay check to compensate her loss.

   She mourned for the loss of family for a while before learning that her boyfriend gave her a last present before death. Her world was filled with hope once more as the baby inside grew. But grew it did as she wasn't aware about the unfortunate facehugger that went the wrong way with her while she was captured. That leads to the event of today, the gens changed her, making her healthier, taller, stronger as well as gained a few traits of the xenos.
   She bent down to Tyler and locked their lips as her tongue slither through his mouth and opens horizontally when it reached his esophagus. Then she secretes a fluid to run down his throat trying to speed up the healing process.

   Her black eyes inspect him for a bit longer, not effected by the darkness of the cave. She then walks away to grab a freshly killed wild feline for a snack and uses her hive mind to sense the activity of the hive. She shakes her head in pity as the they were hunting down the grounded survivors. After cleaning the bluish blood from the snack, she went back to Tyler's side and lay down beside him as he is the only source of heat in this cave.

   She gasped as her conscious came back at her, the surrounds are unfamiliar to her, sweat drips from her forehead as the heat in the area was tropical. Ashley remembered why she's here, she looked around and saw her fellow worker was caught by the bugs and are in unconscious state.

   "Shit!" She called and starts to struggle with the resin that confines her. While she struggles, another noise broke the silence and caught the strong woman's attention to the oppisite wall where several host was hung.

   Brian groans as his body felt hurt everywhere inside. His body felt as if something have been stabbing him inside. As he groans a bit louder, Ashley realized it's her son who's been groaning.




   "Mom, where am I?" He said while wincing at his pain.

   "Don't worry Brian, I'll come to you, do you know where your sister is?"

   "I don't know, we were together doing som-" His words was cut short as the xenos inside thinks it's time to come out.

   "HHHNNNGGGG!!!" He groaned as his body thrusts forward with bone cracking sounds.

   "No.." Was all the mother can say as she watched the whole event with utter horror.

   With a few more cracks and jerks, each farhter and faster, Brian's body couldn't take it any more. With one final thrust, the teen's chest bursts forth 5 newborns, screeching to the new world.

   Ashley sobbed in despair as she just lost her son, while she cried the egg underneath her starts trembling. The leathery egg opens it's top revealing a mass of pulsing organic materials. Not long after it opens, Ashley spots the egg just as 8 fingers appear from the inside. Now with the parasite in mind, she starts to struggle in her confinement hard, knowing all to well the aftermath of it's contact. The fingers claws at it's warm old home, making inches upwards, senses the suitable host above it. With a lighting speed, it sprang up latching to her crotch area. She stops her movement in surprise as this isn't what it would do. But the crawler immediately went to work, first by secreting a small amount of it's acid blood on her clothing.

   She gasped as she felt the the moist of the crawler's reproduction tubes finding her womanhood. After a few pokes, there and there, causing her clit to become wet with instinct. Her tears starts to drop again as the tube slithers it's way up her vagina, butting her cervix instantly. Then it thrust up and down, down and up, making her even more aroused. The shaft wasn't very large in girth but with it's speed and constant rubbing, Ashley was on the edge of an orgasm.

   'Fuck! I'm being turned on by this thing?!' Her mind is slipping away to raw pleasure the parasite is giving her.

   "AHH!" She cried as her forty-one year old body shudders under the parasite's assault. Meanwhile the parasite felt the host was at her peak and penetrates further in, into the fertile womb. In there it starts to spasm, swells a little and leaking fluids through the tube. The flow was accelerated by the vagina muscle milking the shaft, soon an egg sized object appeared from the parasite. As Ashley's sexual high was subsiding, she felt round objects entering her reproductive region. It's bigger than the thin tube she can tell, and they flow through inwards quickly with the help of her spasming muscle. One, two, three, four, five. Five round objects along with the trapped sexual fluids stayed inside her womb, making her belly swell as if 4 months pregnant. But the parasite wasn't finished with it's task as it starts to stroke up and down again.

   'More?!' Ashley's weakened mind ponders.

   The shaft soon regains it's normal speed, making Ashley bucking back in respond, soon the spasming feeling came back, the pressure in her stomach starts to build once more. Not long in it's relentless assault, she came again. This time however, thick and hot nutrients was poured into her womb for the future xenos.

   'It's so hot! So thick!' She thought in her dazed mind as the shaft keep pulsing.

   As the last drop of thick liquid was expended, the parasite injects a small dose of poison, making the host passed out. The parasite's job was complete, it now clamps down to the host harder, not wanting any drop of fluids to escape.

   She heard the sound of someone crying out in pain. Someone familiar...
   'Who the fuck is crying like a baby?' Her angered mind said. As soon as she opens her eyes, she regretted that thought. Above Ashley was her daughter Lily, twin of Brian. She looked in horror as her daughter's large belly quivered and bounces. Her face full of tears, red with pain, sweat drops like rain, milk leaks through frabric. The belly looks as if her 15 year-old daughter was expecting twins, her breast once small and perky is enlarged and round. She starts to sob again knowing her daughter's fate as the squirming and sliding xenos was very apparent.
   "MOM! HELP ME!" Lily cried as she noticed her mother's conscious returned.

   "I'll try Honey!"

   "It hurts so much!" Her voice rasp as she cried for a while.

   Soon the belly starts bouncing up and down vertically, the xeno's inside receives an order from their father about the use of gravity. Bruises starts forming at her outgrown belly button, not long after all around the middle of her sphere belly.

   With one last cry of Lily, the bellyburster bursts forth, erupted like a revers bullseye. Ashley drops her head in pain as she failed her son, her daughter and most of all, their father. Tears blurs her eyes as they form from her eyes. But another sight met her gaze was the rounding stomach of hers. The her stomach made some gurgling sound to those outside, even to the fully grown xeno which she failed to notice coming into the chamber. Small movements can bee seen through her ripped clothing on her swollen middle, small pokes there and there, a black hand caress her belly brought her out of her trance. Her reaction to this was rage as she yelled and cursed the vile creature, thrashing about in her confinement. But was silenced as down as the movement inside intensifies. her eyes closed as she winces in pain, after the pain died down, the black monster was gone, along with the newborns.

   Now alone, she looks at her surrounding once more, it was dark but she got used to it and saw who ever survived the crash was all stacked in here. A few a them was already dead by the sign of their fatal injuries, others was still quiet in their peaceful slumber to death. After all of this, her tears dropped as she broke down, there were no way that she can be saved along with the residents of this planets. Her conscious soon faded as nothing happened for a while in this humid, smelly,dark hell.

   Her stomach swells further through time as well as her B cups. She twitches from time to time, soon her belly looks like her daughter's size with milk filled breast that threatens to rip her sweat covered clothes in half, resulting a delicious amount of cleavage when looked down to her. Her boobs jiggle with the dangerous movement underneath the gravid orb that sits in her middle. The parasite was long at this pat of gestation.

   Mobby was observing the unconscious woman, she's a bit old, but still fertile judging by how well her body can carry. Looking back to his memory, he found out she's the human leader, but is a host of his future kind right now. Still he wants to claim her before she succumbs to his lethal offspring as to show her who's the alpha around.

   He hardens his bony member as he rubs it against her clit, a bit hard due to how larger her belly is. But it matters not as he cuts the resin on her thighs and legs. lifting the still unconscious woman, he senses the offspring inside is about to come forth soon, wasting no time he enters her roughly.

   She felt something, something moving, there's a pressure in her...

   Her eyes open to see matallic teeth baring before her, she flinches but the rocking movements of back and forth caused by Mobby's dick pumping inside made her shudder as an orgasm escaped her. Her eyes dazed and looked at the white monstrosity, drone like appearance but much bigger. His assault on her kept on going for another 10 minutes followed by Ashley's 4th orgasm. As her orgasm starts to fade, Mobby sped up his pace, fucking her to the core. The younglings inside got irritated by their parents sexual experience as they were rocked back and forth by their father. They ram themselves at their rocking prison, striking their bodies against the warm flesh that covers them.

   Ashley moans in pain and pleasure as the bursters inside starts their assault on her gravid belly while Mobby's dick plunges deep inside, swelling. His shaft swell up and penetrates her cervix, meeting the unborn offspring inside and shoots his boiling hot and thick black cum into her. Ashley orgasm once more as the burning pain pushed her to the edge. He sprayed his load all over his unborn children, melting their amniotic sack and fusing into their body. They thrashed more wildly causing Ashley to scream in pain, but not long after, the movements died down as the bursters inside fell unconscious. Ashley herself unconscious after Mobby's assault.

   Inside Ashley's womb, the infants starts to get closer to one another, still unconscious. The still hot black fluids wraps the offspring into one big black object. Forming as a new amniotic sack, the infants starts to mold together. However, cracking sounds can be heard even from the outside as they changed into something different.

   Time passes by, Ashley's stomach has become gigantic, as if a woman carrying quads. She is now nude frontally, her breast expanded along with her belly. Streaks of thick milk leaks from her F cups. There's movement once again in her belly, slower but much more powerful. The belly bounces from side to side, making her frown in discomfort in her sleep as the monstrosity waits to be born.  A pale hand touches the belly, caressing it, soothing the movement down in a professional manner. All is well as Hanna strokes her gravid middle in the very same way. But the beast inside regains it's posture, angered by the fact it was distracted, almost lulled to sleep. It rams itself at the fleshy prison, making Ashley cry out in agony. Her eyes open to see a crying white lady looking at her, not long after the first attempt of freeing itself, the beast tries again harder. Hanna backs away.

   "Sorry." She said while tears flowed down.

    With the third thrust, the behemoth jettisoned itself outwards. spraying blood, flesh and black fluids all over Hanna. It roared as it breathed it's first, then grabs the juicy tits of it's mother to it mouth and bites down hard as it feeds and drank from it's mother while she's still alive. Can't take anymore of this, Hanna leaves the poor lady to be eaten and walked towards the darkness. Crunches and gulps can be heard in the corridor.
I took advice from a fellow writer on this website, I hope it's better.
I do not own ALIEN(S), they belong to their rightful owners.
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gorerat Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Professional Writer
I remembered helping you and decided to check back, and it looks like you wrote another. Most of everything seems better this time around.

Other than still needing a good amount of editing, there are a few other things that still need a little fixing. Line breaks work when you change settings or POVs, but you used them a few times when it was the same character with Ashley. A few sections took a while to know what was going on, but this is mainly because the story is split into multiple chapters with many different characters, instead of a standalone. I think its harder to make good chapters when your past chapters had mistakes. You should stick to writing single, standalone stories until you get better. Everything I write is standalone, even my series with recurring characters are understandable without having read previous installments.
Burgereater Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016
Thanks for notifying me about the line breaks. But about the older chapters and the multiple characters, I think it may be confusing if other readers doesn't know what else is going on while the protagonist is advancing through the story, therefore multiple characters is a must. Don't worry, it'll end up having three or less characters. I'll work up some of the older chapters when I'm finished with the plot of the whole story.

Once again, thank you for pointing out the mistakes and everything else. You're the only one that has done such thing to teach me about writing this kind of story.
gorerat Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Professional Writer
There's nothing wrong with having multiple characters, its just that your stories don't make much sense unless people read every previous chapter. Write as many chapters and characters as you want, but make sure each chapter works by itself as well.
InfiniteBelly Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Dark ending. Good job. How long did it take you to write this?
Burgereater Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016
Something like 11hrs, there's some moments I need to figure and find to finish this part of the story. Otherwise about 6hrs. Thank you for favoring my post.
InfiniteBelly Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
you are welcome
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