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(3rd person POV)
 She trembles and twitches in her cold confinement, but her skin feels like it is burning, her breath's labored and uneven. She can't quite remember where she is or how she got here, all she recall is a blurry vision which she is wandering and some flashing lights, then she is grabbed, being put in her now cold prison. However, her memory of the past is also blurred, while she is twitching and trembling, her body is changing once more, bigger, stronger and much more. Her soft and ragged stomach has turned into well toned 6 pack, her nails has become black as night, her height also have grown. If one observe longer, you'll see her eyes have has become black with glowing emerald green iris and there seems to be an object protruding her behind...
(Tyler's POV)
 "Where's every body?" You asked Joe.
 "Beats me bro. It's Saturday, shouldn't some colonist be in their home for a break in the week?"
 "That's what I'm wondering."
 After a few more knocking on the door and without results, they moved to the farthest house.
 "Ms. Sherlyn Williams? We're from the marshal bureau, can you let us in?" Joe asked.
 While Joe knocked the door one more time, I begin walk near by and think what would be the cause of all of this? Surely local wild animals can bite, but it rarely happen. Someone went a murdering spree? But why? As I keep thinking, I accidentally stepped in a hole and yelled in surprise at it's depth.
 "Tyler! Are you OK?"
 "Well, I'm one step ahead to heaven, next silly question please?" He laughs at the comment.
 "I'll go and get a rope, you stay there." Just like that and he left.  
 "Like I can go anywhere" I muttered before looking into the dark abyss that lay before me.
 "Why would Ms. William dig a hole big as this?" I question at loud.
 I turn on my flash light and still saw nothing but dirt and darkness. Tempting me to go to the unknown of her house. Before I can do anything, I hear Joe scream, I called out to him, but get a wet cracking noise as a respond.
 'Shit' I thought and pulled out my handgun Aiming at the entrance of the hole not noticing the shifting darkness before me. As I tried to climb up, my foot was grabbed with a strong force, yanking me to meet the owner of it, I saw the nightmare that haunted me after I retired from the marines. Before I surrender to it's lethal gum, I was forcefully surrendered to it's poison. And darkness came to me, knowing I'll will die of it...
(Mobby's POV)
 'With thirty drones, and three praetorians, this hive can do some damage now, but still, need more in numbers to take out the human hive. Sooner or later they'll star noticing the disappearance of their kind...' he thinks to his own.
 Searching in his memory, he now needs a way to gain number more efficiently without tiring himself. He needs eggs, but he's not a queen, eggs and their crawlers...
 'There! I know how to do it.' He thought. Soon he gathers his kin and form a plan to the human nursery...
 On LV732, the colony has luxurious amounts of ground to themselves, not long after WY has built up terraforming equipment, many private company has showed up to buy some ground and do some trading and so on. Hence it's a lot more convenient to live here than nearby planets since the colony may as well be a city.
 In the reception post of Ob-Gyn. in a hospital, sits a busty albino lady whose name is Hanna, she's been here with the rest of the hospital in the dream of living in a new land and help others. In her early thirties, Hanna is a attractive single lady. Wearing a nurse outfit, she catches glimpse of other mother-to-be's husband  perving on her body. But she shrugs it off, after all her primary job isn't punching a man in the nose, but to help the lady next to them.
 Today is in the weekends, quite a few mothers has showed up for exams, and some are in the maternity ward giving birth to the next generation of mankind. Smiling at that thought, She continues her work as a nurse, unknown to her that she will give birth to a next generation as well in the near future, only it isn't her species.
 "There you go miss." Hanna hands to the pregnant lady her ID card and her papers, smiling while doing so.
 'That adds one more to the batch.' She thinks to herself.
 Waiting in line are 8 women in various progress of their pregnancy, one of seems to be a teenager, while there are also 4 other woman with their husband waiting to be checked of their health.
 "When's your turn girl?" Jane an older woman asked.
 "I don't know, can't find one yet, not sure if they'll love me or they're only after this." She points to her 34E breast and frowns. Jane smirks at that.
 "You know, I'm expecting my second now."
 "Really? Congratulations!"  
 Before Jane can respond, the lights went out, making some gasp in shock.
 "What's going on?" Some asked, others asked another.
 "I'll go check on the maternity ward" Hanna says.
 "Then I'll stay here and tend these people." Jane replied.
 Hanna gave Jane a thumbs up before leaving the post to the ward.
  When she got there, she noticed it's eerily quiet, but the back up generator is up signaling which room is occupied. She opens the first room and the scene just make her scream in horror...
(Mobby's POV)
 The human's nursery is just another floor up. We destroyed the pipe line in the sewers we traveled to get here, making them almost blind in the situation, much to our advantage. I commanded two drones to stay in the sewer to make our route back is secure, while 4 others go out and take their security system. 15 to wreck havoc in the hospital, the rest is with me, getting our prize.
 When we got to the floor of our objective, I hear some women screaming while others comfort her and other rooms doing a surgery which could've killed me if I hadn't act fast. We crept into the vents and crawl silently into the rooms and inspect what's in it.
First room: a C-section
Second: another C-section
Third room: natural birth
Fourth room: empty
Fifth room: natural birth
Final room: about to induce birth.
 I crept to the final room first. When the vent dropped off the ceiling, everyone looked at me but couldn't see me, I grabbed the closest person and puncture her face and dropped down with her. The rest follows the plan and kill every one except who is with young or fertile. One snaps a human's head, some are simply impaling their neck with our tails, others grab their mouth and gave them a kiss goodbye. All the while I stand at the door way, not letting anyone go and inform others. One Victim is rewarded in this room, so she is handed to me to be stung and with the corpse, was handed to the drones in the vents, since all of them are food. We went through the door on the Fifth room, in there, I sliced a human in half with my tail while others rushed in silencing other preys.
 I stepped to the laboring mother, her child's head is crowning, even in her contractions, she eye'd me in terror. Seeing this I simply rise me member making her eyes wide on it, I pushed the child back to it's meat prison with my member causing the mother to moan inside her muffled mouth in pain and I secret resin in there trapping the future food of my kind. After the small operation, two drones stung her and a female, caring them to the vents above. We skipped the next room since it was empty and went to the Third room. The same process was used but one of our drones damaged the mother while taking down our food. Her head was penetrated by a tail and died while having half of her child dangling between her legs. I scratched the drones head making it cower at me while I let it know what it has done, giving it a scar in the process. We killed everyone in the Second room since no fertile female was in it. The mother was paralyzed in the surgery so she couldn't move her body. I pulled the fabric wall(which is concealing her body) away to show her the child she's been caring so long has just been pulled out of her through the hole they created by force. I stared at the young human in my palm, thinking I once was this small, she eyed me in horror but couldn't scream since she is held down by our drones, I then use my inner mouth to penetrate his whole body through the rear to taste the fresh human young's organ. Juices sprayed to the mother and my body, I passed it to a random drone and we killed the mother.
 In the First room, we did the same except two other females. As we're about to leave to the bigger room next door, a White female opens the door. We stared for a second before acting on it, before one of the drone stung her, I catches her first. She's taller than the victim we slaughtered and her nutrient glands are bigger, I inspects her while she annoyingly trembles in fear. Her hair is white as well as every part of her body, except for her orange red eyes. Something triggers me from my insides, I turned to a drone.
 "This female is special, take her to the hive alive and keep her alive and well, I'll have something for her later." The drone nods and stung her, taking her to the darkness above.
 Now the next room...
(pregnant teenager's POV)
 After the lights went out, I cling to my boyfriends arm for comfort.
 "It's alright Mary, lights go out all the time, the back up generator will come up not long after."
 The lights went on soon after he spoke.
 "I'm scared, the baby is scared too." I put his hand on my obvious 6 month bump.
 He smiles and we shared a kiss.
 "Don't worry I'll protect you and the baby from any thing that'll harm you."
 I smile at this believing the young adult will fulfill his word. Next I hear a woman scream as black monsters burst out of the maternity ward. But that's not all, five more came through it as well. Steve takes my hand and ran to the stairwell, we ran through the door along with another couple, however before we can take a step to the exit which is several stories below, a bigger white monster jumped from above, stopping us in the process. Steve put me behind him just as the tail of the monster swipes him vertically in half, and bite the other mister's head off. My legs can't support me any more and I wept in horror as with the other pregnant lady. As the monster faces us we trembled more in fear. Next thing I know it a stinging feeling on my thigh and I feel to Steve's insides with darkness taking my body.
Back at the hive
(Mobby's POV)
 I counted the pregnant females we've captured in our assault: 11 pregnant females, 7 in her fertile cycle including the special one.
 I ordered the pregnant ones to be planted on the floor while the fertile is stick to the wall, I ordered one praetorian to guard the special one, and stick her to the birthing chair.  
 After the resin has harden, now is the time to produce the warriors. Starting from the female who's sweating and having contractions, her face is red with sweat and tears, she plea to me to save her child and let her go. I prepare myself for the upcoming procedure, I bent down and came face to face with her, I bare my teeth and she faces the other way in fear I eat her, I grabbed her face and hit her belly with my tail making her cry out in pain. Just as she opens her mouth, My inner mouth shot forwards and start to pump my thick fluid down her throat. She struggles a bit, but later passed out in lack of air and tiredness. I did the same for the next 10 females. After that, I ate the corpse we bought home earlier.
 After I ate 2 people, I felt content. Now for the special one, she is wide awake when I go to the birthing chair which birthed the praetorians. Her nutrient gland moves up and down showing me her breath quickens in fear as I got closer, I can feel the others who's stick on the wall has their eye's on me as well fearing for what I would do to her. I show her my tail and I opened it, but she is too afraid to look at me, so I ripped her lower garments away in one swipe making her look at me, I then use the opened tail and slither in her body, making her gasp and squirm at the feeling. My tail slither more inside her body, touching her G spot and make her moan and shudder. But i didn't stop there, further in I went and into her womb, then I start to pump her with my black fluids...
 She moans in discomfort as her belly swell to a size of a full term pregnancy, her belly sloshes as I shake and poke it with my hands. Pleased with her I face the females on the floor, their belly has swollen greatly while I was busy, I walked to the biggest. Her belly not only has grown bigger, but also taller, the skin on her belly hardens.
 'This one must be almost to term before here.' I mused.
 By contrast to her belly, other parts of her body has shrunk. her nutrient glands once full of milk are no more, her body fat has decreased drastically, making her no more but bones and roots attached to the egg. I listen inside, she's still alive, but not for long, the crawler is very healthy, absorbing the life of it's host. I've modified the crawlers from ancient memory, the crawlers used to only make one us, now they can make 5. Depending on if you're a male or female host, the crawler will have a different approach.
 I inspected all of the eggs, the fist female who's changed by me is long gone, her skin once a health tan is now dark green, her belly once full of life still full of life, different species. But the Belly is no longer a belly, it now is a egg of our species.
 Since we have eggs now, I don't see a reason to exhaust myself any more. But then again they can be used later since eggs seem to have a long expire date. I then tore the clothing of one of the female and extend my member and go roughly with her reproduction hole.
(Hanna's POV)
 I cried as Jane and other pregnant women was violated by that white monstrosity. It then leaves, disappearing to the dark humid corridor. I can't move myself , I'm still paralyzed, not long after I nod off a little.
 "Hanna." My head perks up as Jane calls me.
 "Jane!"  I called to her but noticing her swelling belly and her skinny face.
 "Please find a way out and tell my husband I love him and the child we have and tell him to find a new wife when I'm gone."
 "What do you mean Jane?" Tears starts to drops from my eyes.
 "Look at me, " She starts weakly.
 "I can't live much longer, and sadly my baby is no more mines. The others are too, look at them."
 I looked at the pregnant ladies on the floor.
 "Find a way to save yourself and those on the wall."
 "I'll try."
 "Thank you..." She closed her eyes and never spoken a word after that.
 The women on the wall are either crying or still out cold. I start to pull my restraints, but to no avail, I'm still stuck. The White monster returns, I faced the other way and closed my eyes, not wanting to face that monster. It catches me by surprise when he tore my pants and panties in one quick swipe, that's when I saw the tip of his tail opened like a flower and struck my private parts. It slithers in fast and precise, touching my G-spot and making me moan as pleasure erupt from me. It then found my cervix and went through causing me to moan again. It starts to pump something into me, some kind of fluid, feels like water. My belly then swells, it swells to a point I looked due with one baby. My belly feels sore and it's weight is arching my back, the tail then seals the liquid inside me and slithers out, touching my G-spot once more.
 The monster then leaves me and went to the women sticking on the wall, I cried again as what it starts to do next.
 I watched as he spends himself into those poor women on the wall, his inhumanly large member slides in and out of those ladies like professional breeder. They all screamed in pain as his large member penetrates their dry pussy, but he fucks them so hard and fast, they all had at least three orgasm in the end. The amounts of cum he shoots is disgustingly many, he spends around two minutes inside their womb just to ejaculate more and make their belly swells to a amount. Despite being afraid and disgusted of him, I can't help but feel aroused at the site of so many had their pleasure high. He seems to have sense my thought as he walks in front of me, He touches my belly, which to my surprise has shrunk down to normal without me noticing. His touch on me seems to have changed, my skin is more sensitive to his touch and send shivers every time he touches. He caress my now flat board stomach and purrs when he wanders around my uterus. He then rips rest of my clothes open, showing him my impressive bust. To my surprise my nipples has turned black, but he purrs more when sees them bouncing on my body.
 "Like what you see?" He purrs as a reply.
 He extends his inner mouth and swallow my nipples making me moan loudly, after he let go they stands tall and hard. I feel him press something long and hard on my stomach, due to my big breast I can't see his dick for real, but his bony like feature is never missed. Having enough of teasing my boobs, he grabs my hips and in one quick motion he thrust in his monstrosity. I cried in pleasure, not in pain, whatever he put into me, only makes this my heaven. He speeds up after that and my hips buck back every time he thrusts in, my boob bounces as he pounds my pussy. I orgasm so hard that my vagina clenches his member so that it wouldn't move, but my body does. Around half an hour later he erupts into me, filing me with his hot thick load, because his dick is so big and I grabbed him as hard, not a drop of cum was wasted, all was used inside of me.
 I was light headed after that, I didn't realize I was sweating black sweat and he had cummed for 5 minutes. I drift to sleep as he seals my womanhood.
(Tyler's POV)
 Someone is moaning, someone else is screaming, something is screeching.
 Wait, screeching? My eyes are wide open at that thought.
 'Where am I ?' Just as I remember, a scream got my attention.
 Just a few meter away, a woman is screaming on top of her lungs, but that's not what my eyes are on, her belly, looking like a woman caring twins is thrashing and squirming violently. Plus there's a bug in front of her, I put the pieces together and realized this is their new way of producing! There are other people in this chamber, besides her are 5 woman in the same situation but only moaning, in the far wall is another woman, but with white hair and smaller belly and is sleeping. Next to me are 4 people, 3 guys and one girl. There are fachuggers on their face except the girl who is also passed out but with a distended belly, looking 4 months into pregnancy. Looking at the facehugger gave me a new panic, I look down, relieved to see an unopened egg, but a pulsing one.
 'SHIT!' I tug on the restraints as hard as I can, the facehugger is coming and I don't have a lot of time to warn others.
 Using my body strength my right is free, soon my left and rest of my limbs.
 Just like that the screaming lady gave birth, no burst out 6 newborns, the other women reacted to this by started to scream as their brood is awaken. Grabbing my gun, I pointed at the xeno, but didn't shoot as it will draw attention. I walk as quietly as I could to find a way out.but this must be under ground since this chamber is big! No time to waste, I saw tunnel to my left, there's just two way out, one is before me, the other is next to the white haired lady. I take my chance and climbed up, I climbed till my limbs are sore, I hear louder screams as I climbed, finally, a basement, I see another hole, don't know where it leads, so I went upstairs and through the front door. As I went out I see the car Joe and I drove.
 "Ms.Williams, you have one hell of a bug infestation." I said out loud as I went to the car and drove off, going to warn others...
Those who do not like this kind of subject, please don't read, it's not good for your mental health.
This time is a bit darker, more violence occurred. Feel free to  tell me what you think in the comments. There may have spelling errors.
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gorerat Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Professional Writer
While this is probably your best of the series, it might help if you start off with less victims and things to worry about, until your writing gets better. A story with 100 pregnant women bursting isn't automatically going to be better than a story involving only one, especially if there's a lot of detail.

Still full of mistakes that editing would fix.
Burgereater Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016
I'll keep that in mind.
gorerat Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Professional Writer
Another thing is, especially for this story, is that you don't really want to detail children this much. Besides the obvious problems that come from that kind of thing, you're writing stories for people that want bellies to burst, not to read what is happening to children being born.
Burgereater Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016
Well I guess I didn't see this part coming, thanks for pointing it out.
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